Government says 76 dead in Eseka train derailment

Issa Tchiroma

The Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has announced the latest figures from the Eseka train derailment.

Mr. Tchiroma stated that a total of 76 people died and 599 were injured in the accident.

Issa Tchiroma
Issa Tchiroma

Of the injured, 231, being in a relatively less serious condition, went home on the day of the accident.

The 368 others were admitted into different hospitals in Edea, Douala and Yaounde some of whom have already been reunited with their families .

Issa Tchiroma, Government’s spokesman added that not all the dead have been identified.

In the process of identifying the dead, the Minister reported that three members of the family in demand are expected to present relevant documents linking them to the deceased . This could be mariage, birth certificate or any other relevant document .

In each case the mortuary attendant is required to issue a death certificate before the corpse is handed over.


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